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I am calling a webmethod from my aspx page using ajax call. This webmethod is uploading files and I need the returned object to be of Type Object. Now in the below way the process is working and uploading files successfully, but my gridView could not be filled because the returned response is. 11/12/2013 · Hi, Actually my requirement was in the ajax webmethod call i want to bind output to textbox in the code behind itself not with ajax success. At present the webmethod with static was working fine with ajax, but i am not able to access form controls due to static method. Why not use jQuery? Well, with this neat code snippet below, you can now call a WebMethod in an ASP.NET page without all the baggage of ASP.NET AJAX Client Script libraries! All you need is ASP.NET, JQuery and a little JSON magic supplied by the jQuery-JSON library plug in. 12/06/2017 · I am using JQuery to make an Ajax call to a WebMethod. What file.asmx, aspx, or aspx.cs should I declare my WebMethod? If you are building an ASP Web Forms application use a static web method in the page class. ASMX is a SOAP service and IMHO should be used as such not invoked via AJAX. However, it is fairly easy to invoke ASMX via AJAX. rkrex. 500 errors mean the code on the server crashed or failed for some reason. That could be because you sent parameters it didn't expect, sent them in a format it didn't expect, values out of range, or the code on the server is poorly written and doesn't check the input parameters before trying to process them, or some combination of the above.

Why the WebMethod is static in code behind WebForm This question occured to me a few days ago after many days of working with AJAX technology. I am calling code behind PageMethod, WebServices, WCF and Web API services to consume data using the ajax function. 15/04/2014 · I've tried various ways of firing the webmethod within the user control ascx without success. Does it actually matter that I'm running the Webmethod from the ASPX page rather than the ASCX page? It matters as you need to provide proper URL. You are making a AJAX call and it needs to POST the Data to a certain URL. You have to get it right. What is select2? According to the code, it is a function which resides inside any Plugin. Have you called any Plugin? Next thing is, you need to see the Developer Tool's console tab, of. 16/11/2014 · mahesh shisale I know this method, but my question is for c non-static method. As Metal mentioned previously, a method that isn't explicitly decorated with [WebMethod] and marked as static will not be exposed or accessible by AJAX / jQuery requests within the Web Forms environment. Can i use session values inside a WebMethod? I've tried using System.Web.Services.WebMethodEnableSession = true but i can't access Session parameter like in this example: [System.Web.Services.

Since ajax is a concept or technique we can implement ajax with any web development platform. It is possible to implement ajax with PHP or with JSP or with ASP.NET or with many other technologies. Since we are learning.NET, in this article we will explain ajax in the context of C.NET.

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