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This guide introduces IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Version 7.6.0, provides a link to prerequisite software, gets you started with a typical installation, and provides a.</plaintext> Maximo for Nuclear Power Version 7.6.0 also adds the IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Operator Rounds mobile app. To install the mobile app, follow the instructions in Installing the IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Operator Rounds mobile app.</p> <p>This document describes how to download IBM® Maximo® for Nuclear Power version 7.6.1 using the IBM Passport Advantage Online web site. IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power version 7.6.0 includes new features for conducting shift rounds, and for managing clearances. To assist you in monitoring equipment performance at nuclear sites, Version 7.6.0 adds the IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power Operator Rounds mobile app. The installation of IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power 7.6.1 has the following prerequisites. Ensure that your environment meets the minimum standards before you perform the installation. IBM Maximo Online Help Provides step-by-step procedures for IBM Maximo applications. IBM Maximo Reconciliation Module Implementation Guide Describes how to use the IBM Maximo Reconciliation module to reconcile the two types of information that IBM Maximo maintains about information technology IT assets: IT asset data and deployed asset data.</p> <p>describes how the IBM Maximo applications interact with each other. IBM Maximo Workflow Implementation Guide Provides information about using IBM Maximo Enterprise Suite to plan, design, build, test, implement, and manage Workflow processes. IBM Maximo Online Help Provides step-by-step procedures for each IBM Maximo application. IBM Maximo® is a market-leading and fully integrated platform that uses advanced analytic tools and IoT data to improve operational availability and reduce risk. Now, OT and IT leaders have the tools to operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance.</p> <p>IBM Software Energy and utilities. Thought Leadership White Paper. Smarter asset management for the nuclear power imperative. Harness worldwide nuclear best practices with IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power. A Tivoli Field Guide Maximo for the Nuclear Power Industry Clearances Nuc Release 7.5.1 By Jean Bellefeuille Version 1.0.</p> <p>IBM Maximo Asset Management is an asset management life cycle and workflow process management system. With Maximo Asset Management, you can manage your asset operations and business processes. 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