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Using a simple media query, you can swap the normal desktop menu out for the mobile version hamburger – the three horizonal bars you see on mobile phones. Add the following CSS and adjust the max-width to determine when the hamburger replaces your normal Divi menu. You can also tweak the color of the hamburger or mobile icon only on a specific page in DIVI. I use this trick sometimes if my hamburger icon is not contrasting well with a background slider image. This will override the previous hamburger menu color if you did set one in. Changing Your Hamburger Menu Colour in Divi WordPress Tutorials, Tweak of the Week / By Matt / April 30, 2017 January 7, 2020 I often came across this little problem – I want my menu bar to be the same colour as my high light colour in Divi.

Divi’s menu system includes settings for mobile that places the menu within a hamburger icon,. Divi Plugin Highlight – Mobile Menu Customizer. Posted on August 19,. EVER replace a navigation bar on a desktop/laptop site with a hamburger menu. Ever. 02/12/2019 · I would like to ensure that the word "menu" and the hamburger icon on the right stay centered at all time on destop and mobile. Could you tell me how to do that ? thanks. We are providing Free help for Divi community. If you wish to show us some support, consider purchasing our Divi products to enhance your Divi site: Divi Ultimate Header. Adding Text Before the Divi Menu Button. The Divi Theme will, in some header configurations, display a three-lined "hamburger" menu button. If you'd like to add a bit of text, such as the word "Menu" before the button, here's how to do it. Adding Text to the Default Menu Button. A nice little module that has the same options as the ET full width version including burger menu in responsive and advanced design settings for styling. See screenshots for more information. Instructions. Simply add the plugin, activate it and then visit a Divi Builder powered page to see a new module cunningly named ‘Menu’.

You don’t like the drop-down menu and would like a Slide-in menu? Would you like the Divi Menu Mobile to stay sticky at the top? Or do you want to use a different logo for the mobile menu? For all these cases, there is a hack that allows you to customize your Divi Menu Mobile using only fragments of. That’s why I thought that the creation of a collection of styles to customize the Menu Mobile of Divi could be useful for all those users who want to get a new look for the menu, but they have little or no knowledge of the code. Today I am going to show you how to move the default Divi Slide-In menu from the right hand side of the page to the left on both desktop and mobile. The default layout of the Divi theme came with a primary menu location where you a place the main mega menu. However, if you need to include a new menu in Divi you can use the full-width menu module. This module allows you to move the navigation menu anywhere on the website you want.

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