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2p! Canada x Fem! Reader LEMON by.

I don't know but it says alot of times that she is japenese. funny actually tat he doesn't see fem oc in the title. and funny that he wastes his tiem writing that comment while he could of done other things in his life then hate. i just wanted to say this because it actually made me angry a bit. and if you read this sorry to waste your time. 04/07/2015 · Drunk!2P!Canada x Reader: Love texts. It was a Saturday night. You were laying on your couch, watching one of your favorite game shows of all. Of course, in reality, you didn't care about the stupid game show. After all, tonight was the night that you and Matt had been planning as. 15/01/2017 · 2p!America x Pregnant!Reader-Great Dad Sitting patiently on the couch, you waited for your husband to arrive home since he’s been taking a while. Usually he would work and visit his family then come here after he’s had enough of them which took about two to three hours. As much as he says he hates them you knew he secretly loved them.

What Did You Just Call Me? Bucky X Reader MASTER LIST PAIRING: Bucky Barnes X Reader Warnings. x oc ben hardy x you ben hardy x y/n ben hardy x roger taylor roger taylor roger taylor imagine roger taylor smut roger taylor x reader roger taylor x oc roger taylor x you roger taylor x ben hardy roger taylor x y/n queen bohemian rhapsody smut. Follow/Fav Male Yandere x Reader LEMON. By: Writer-chan101. You are a nice girl at your school that you have been attending. You are not one to have much friends. But all of a sudden a new kid comes to your school and your neighborhood. Will he be like the bullies or your new best friend.

Love for Bolin a Bolin x OC lemon baby Daddy one shot [A/N] Ok, I know, I know, I said you wouldn’t hear from me for a while, but guess what? I had this idea and it was in there for so long, that I’m putting off my 2000 words for tonight, and working on this little one shot here! Admit it Loki X Reader MASTER LIST / REQUEST PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson X. Loki Laufeyson loki loki fanfic loki fanfiction Loki Fandom loki x reader loki x oc loki x you loki x y/n loki smut tom hiddleston Tom Hiddleston fandom tom hiddleston fanfiction tom hiddleston smut tom hiddleston x reader tom hiddleston x you tom hiddleston x oc thor. CREEPYPASTA - Masky x reader x Hoodie LEMON! 8/31/2014 62 Comments READER'S P.O.V You walk across the beach, your feet sinking into the muddy sand. The sky above you is deep mauve, while the sun is sunken below the clouds. Your F/C bikini sags slightly with the weight of the salty seawater.

Alright I'm going to be making lemon one-shots for the girls and guys of Naruto with my OC. I don't know if I'll do them all but there will definatly be a lot. So I'm going to post all her info first then I'll start working on them. There's a lot of info but it will be worth it. The options would be: Warrior Cat X Reader, Warrior Cat X OC, OC X Reader and OC X OC. Before requesting, please look into the first Chapter, much appreciated. Add to library 1 Discussion Browse more Anime & Manga Video Games. SOAW Feedback Poll. sweaters Anime &.

The Avengers x Reader: Coulson's Daughter All Lemon! Animekath. Summary: You are Phil Coulson's daughter and now friends with The Avengers~ But you and one of them gets to have a little fun~ Notes: Hey guys, Kat here! I thought of making a series with lemon, lemon and more lemon. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work CTRL A/CMD A will select all, or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. 02/03/2015 · Slender man x reader Slender man's pov the house had lights on on the first floor, rest of the house was pitch black, there was a man and a woman on the bottom floor. They were moving around a lot, but they seemed happy for some reason. I wasn't happy, so they shouldn't be either!

Male Yandere x Reader LEMON, a yandere fanfic.

07/10/2016 · Leave requests in the comments lol. WE DON'T OWN ANY SHIZ ACCEPT OUR BEAUTIFUL VOICES. 12/09/2015 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. A type of fanfiction where the reader is the protagonist. Most of the time involves romance between the reader and the other characters of the story. The other characters are often anime characters, vocaloid or any sort of character that people are interested in. They're mostly for female readers, but some of them are for male readers, or just. Sorry f it sucks, it's probably the best thing I've ever written, but that's not saying much. Give constructive criticism in the comments~! $1 $1 y_n =Your name. "Camille!" You yelled at the bathroom. "You almost done in there?" "Yeah, I'll be out in a minute!" She responded. You were in your best friend Camille's bedroom. You guys haven't.

Kiba x OC Lemon At the party WOWpanda. Summary: [Kiba x OC LEMON] Summer is fed up with Kiba's flirtatious behavior. x' That flirt. Despite cursing him lightly with mild profanity, I felt my cheeks heat up at the text. Calm down Summer, I bet he sends that to all the girls. Sebastian X OC/Reader. Ciel idly sipped at his cup of tea while reading over the morning newspaper until there was a knock at the door. Slowly, the door opened and in stepped Sebastian, holding a few envelopes. He walked over to Ciel, picking out one in particular and handing it to him. Drunk!Levi x Reader Not So Drunk [LEMON] First of all, this is a lemon. Do not read if you don’t like Corporal Levi What the fuck?, you thought. Corporal Levi, humanity’s strongest soldier is. 31/12/2018 · Still sick but hope ya like the vid. This video is unavailable. 06/10/2017 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

21/03/2015 · It probably going to come out tonight or tomorrow afternoon it going to be good I'm doing the reader voice I might not sound like mike, Jeremy purple guy/Vincent, phone guy, bonnie,foxy. Visit the post for more. Grinchy Christmas Daryl Dixon X Reader By D0gss On Deviantart I m not daryl dixon x male oc rogue wattpad a walk in your shoes daryl dixon x reader the governor one shots daryl dixon x reader ride or wattpad harder than love daryl x female reader fanfiction mrs. Czech drank and pounded one of the many beers she drank on the counter demanding for a refill. Lets just say all of Europe was at the bar drinking for there yearly drinking contest, and the ones left were Germany, Prussia, Czech, Lithuania, Norway,.

15/01/2020 · The car is stolen, that’s obvious. When she stops, you can’t help but beg her to take you back home. But no. Harley drags you through alleys and them downstairs until the most ridiculous dance club you’ve ever seen. 11/01/2020 · Shawn Mendes x Reader. Summary: You get a bit jealous of Shawn’s and Camilla’s relationship. Warning: smut. You knew they were close. You and Shawn had a long talk about this. He was close to her even before the song came out. But this was different. They pretended to be a couple.

Notes Sebastian x Reader Lemon. Lemon not mine! The year was 2012 and you had made a contract with a demon. His name is Sebastian and he is now your butler. He had just gotten done with making tea for you and set it in front of you.

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